Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing is one of the most important social media marketing tools of your company.

Facebook content creation

Photo's, posts, animations, movies and ad's specially for Facebook

Using images, photo’s, text and movies, Digital Launch creates a following and exposure for your brand. Interaction is the key and what sets us apart from our competitors.

By carefully planning your post timeline appearance, frequency and subject relevance, you get likes and Facebook followers from your brands target audience. Create brand awareness on Facebook with our localised Facebook content marketing strategy

Facebook account management

Profile pictures, contact buttons, group joining and chat replies

Facebook account management makes sure your Facebook profile image and logo look great and has the correct contact buttons. We will provide the first line of contact by answering chats in the local target language.

Your Facebook account manager also joins relevant Facebook groups and replies to messages to create brand awareness and links. We can manage Facebook accounts in various languages. Contact us for more information

Facebook Ad Management

Increase your traffic with post boosting

Placement, relevance and statistics are key in our FaceBook Ad strategies. Having Digital Launch make engaging sponsored content and measuring your add success, will save you lot’s of money.

Sponsored Facebook Ads can become very expensive when handled incorrectly. Let our professionals do it for you. Post boosting is ideal for companies looking for more brand awareness.

Facebook certified agency

All our social media experts are Facebook Blueprint certified

All our social media staff start with their Facebook Blueprint Certification program in the area’s they work in. Once all the information is shared and studied, our staff completes the program with an exam at Facebook.

Being certified by Facebook means we have access to Facebook account managers, know how to make images and text the best way and setup ads in the correct way to reach the maximum goals with the least amount of investment. Contact us for more information.

Let’s make engaging FaceBook posts!

Facebook marketing agency in Vietnam

Gain followers fast with our local market knowledge

If you are looking for a Facebook marketing agency in Vietnam you have come to the right place. Digital Launch is a Facebook marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam that knows how you get those coveted likes and followers.

In Vietnam Facebook is the most important social media marketing platform for many industries. With our local knowledge and language capabilities we can launch your Facebook marketing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to the next level. Contact us for more information.

Multi language Facebook marketing

Facebook posting in more than one language

In Vietnam like other south east asian countries it is very common to post in dual languages. Usually English and the local language. In south east Asia and also in Vietnam not all people understand English.

When you really need to connect with the local people it is better to post in their native language. Not only the language but also the content should be localised. What works in Korea may not make a lot of sense in Vietnamese culture for example. Contact us for more information.

Facebook stories

Daily Facebook story posting

Facebook stories are relatively new. Stories are part of our Facebook account management service. Using Facebook stories we generate more attention to posts. You can also use it to activate your followers to engage with your brand.

Story content is more than just posting an ad. It requires a pre made storyline so people really get engaged. This storyline we use over more social media platforms like Instagram. Contact us for more information.