Web hosting

Digital launch has a hosting solution for all budgets and applications. Web hosting on-demand or yearly plans hosted all over the world.

On-Demand webhosting

Do you have a temporary web hosting need for your marketing campaign or event? Digital Launch offers web hosting charged by the minute. Our On-Demand solution is available all over the world. Your application, hosted in your country in your timeframe. Contact us for more information.

Professional web hosting

Digital Launch offers professional hosting for your data for any scale application on any location in the world. Our solution is build on Amazon’s AWS platform, which makes it extremely fast and stable, even in the Chinese region. Your data is safe with Digital Launch, we have over 10 years of web hosting experience. Contact us for more information and prices.

Small business (shared) web hosting

If you don’t have a big budget and expect a very low number of visitors on your site you may not need professional hosting just yet. You can start out with our suggested shared hosting partner Siteground. This hosting is build for price efficiency and comes with a hosting panel (CPanel) so you can manage your own hosting.

Prices already start as low as 4$ a month. Click here for more information about Siteground hosting

Which web hosting do you need

Shared Hosting

  • Low budget
  • Less then 100 visitors daily
  • Less then 20 page website with a few pictures
  • No need to be available in China
  • Small business and start-ups

Professional Hosting

  • Need to have a very fast website
  • Medium to high volume visitors
  • Large sites with heavy content
  • Web shops, web apps
  • Hosting in a country of choice

On-Demand hosting

  • Mini-sites
  • Doesn’t need to be online al year
  • Internal tools online only when needed
  • Events or promotion sites
  • Promotion in a specific country

What did others choose?

Digital Launch Professional Web Hosting on Amazon AWS
Shared Hosting by Siteground
Arrange their own web hosting

Do I need web hosting?

If you are going to run a website, shop or mini-site with Digital Launch you will need web hosting. Web hosting is the server space you use to put your website on. See it as your house. Your domain, example.com, is the address which points the visitors to the right house. The hosting size needs are based on what kind of site or traffic you make. Lots of visitors or a big site needs a bigger hosting. If you are unsure what type of hosting you need, just contact us and we will help.

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