UI / UX Design

Ease of use combined with beauty helps achieving the targets of your platform. Results, that is the power of UI UX designer Digital Launch

User flow diagram

Step 1: User flow diagram

By analysing and creating a user flow diagram we visualise what users do with a platform and what issues they have. Al interactions are made visual in this user flow diagram which is the base or the UI / UX design.

UX Design

Step 2: UX design using wireframes

Wireframes and interactive prototypes are used to help visualise the user experience design (UX). These are the foundations of the functionalities, layout and visual design. A good mobile app design, web app design or website always starts with an UX design.

UX design is also a key factor for your website ranking on Search Engine Optimization Google (SEO) .

UI Design

Step 3: UI design is the visual design

UI design is the visual design of your web or mobile application. Fonts, styles and colors are all defined which completes the interaction design.

User interface design (UI) is more than just making a pretty picture. Smart UI design makes a website easy to use and navigate by leading the visitor with color brightness and colors on the right locations.

To do make the most out of your app you will need a UI/UX designer.

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UI UX design Vietnam

UI UX design agency Digital Launch has a studio in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

App UI design

Mobile or web app UI design

Mobile app UI design differs from website UI design. Mobile apps have more gestures like swiping, shaking and rotating. This changes the appearance and UX design of the project.

If you really want to create user friendly mobile app interfaces, your interaction design should be designed by a UI/UX designer. Mobile app UI design has to be functional first and look good is secondary.

Web UI design

Function over form website UI design

Web UI design and UX design nowadays mostly starts with a mobile first approach. In a mobile first approach, responsive web design starts out with the mobile version. Other systems like desktop and tablets are derived from it.

Responsive design is very important in this era. In many business types there are more mobile visitors than there are desktop visitors.

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UI UX Design Agency Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

International UI UX design studio in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

If your target is the Vietnamese market of 100 million inhabitants it makes sense to use a local design agency in Vietnam. The style of each South East Asian country, differs from other countries. Our Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) design studio has multiple designers in different styles so to cover a broad spectrum.

At our UX UI design studio we have European designers for designers for European style assignments. We also have US designers for the US specific style. We have Vietnamese designers for SEA style assignments.

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