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Social media content creation

Localised pictures, stories, text and movies.

We create engaging social media content using images, photo’s, text and movies. Great content, a storyline and social media strategy is the key to create relevant followers and brand exposure.

Content posting for social media marketing in Vietnam is different than in other countries. In Vietnam the main platforms are: Zalo (Vietnamese WeChat clone), Facebook (the most used platform), Instagram and YouTube plus TikTok (youth only) for video content.

The Vietnamese culture and language is like no other on the world. Localised content fitting to the culture, in the Vietnamese language is imperative for succes.

Read more about the social media platforms in Vietnam:

Social media account management

Profile pictures, contact buttons, group joining, chat replies and stories.

Social media account management is one of the services we do for all social media platforms. We make sure your social media business profile looks great, has a call to action and on request we can also provide story posting.

Each social media platform is different and our social media manager makes sure each platform looks great. Our social media account management includes also joining groups, reposting and replying to relevant others and like and follow others. For Vietnam we have Vietnamese social media account managers that provide a localised experience for the best result.

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Social media advertising

Increases traffic by managing ad spending

Social media advertising is the paid version of social media marketing. Sponsored content has the ability to reach new accounts and increase following and exposure. By measuring your ad success rate, providing statistics for you and helping set a budget we make sure your ad budget reaches it’s maximum potential.

Social media advertising in Vietnam has a high success rate. It is easy to reach 1000 accounts with an ad spending of under 5 USD. Our social media agency in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam is ready to help you!

Let’s make engaging Social Media posts!

Social media marketing vietnam

100 million Vietnamese on Zalo, 50 million on FaceBook, 5 million on Instagram

Social media marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Local market knowledge has a bigger result in Vietnam

Digital Launch is a social media marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. If you are looking to create brand awareness in Vietnam we knows how to get those coveted likes and followers.

Social media marketing in Vietnam is better to do with a local agency like us. We too perform social media marketing for other countries. As we are attractively priced and speak English we do this very well, but Vietnam has culture specific platforms and customs. Choosing a local social media marketing agency has many benefits and a greater success rate.

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Multi language social media marketing

Dual language social media content creation

In Vietnam it is very common to post in both English and Vietnamese. In Vietnam not all people understand and can read English. When you really need to connect with the local people it is better to post in their native language.

Content should also be localised besides language. Did you know that we Vietnamese eat noodles with both a spoon and chopsticks? Vietnamese is different from all south-east asian countries. To reach your target audience with the most localised experience all content should be localised.

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Content marketing agency Vietnam

Let's launch the social media marketing rocket together

Content is the king on the land of digital marketing. Our digital agency Vietnam team with the experiences by working in many different projects, small to big, we know how to have the content valuable and also connect the most with your target audiences.

Our Founder is Dutch (who is European educated) knows how to combine the East and the West culture to direct us the way to have the right content for different customer projects.