Web design agency Vietnam

Digital Launch is a web design and digital marketing agency that creates beautiful, easy to find websites.

Step 1: Concept

The exploration of your design wishes by creating 3 mockups.
  • Find out your wishes and requirements
  • Discuss and choose color, font and typography
  • Create a mood board and view other sites of interrest
  • Create 3 homepage mockups of different ‘flavor’

Step 2: Mockup

Combining all the information into a mockup
  • Discuss the 3 mockups and feedback
  • Mix and match the mockups to home in on what feels right
  • Discuss details and finalise the choice of typography
  • Create a single homepage mockup that will be leading for your project


Adding all the details into the final version
  • Reviewing all the feedback on the mockup
  • Homing in on the final detail choices
  • Fine tuning/implementing the UX design features and other pages
  • Creating the final version for the homepage

What we made

looking for a unique web design?


Our Vietnamese/Dutch design team is ready for any task. With over 10 awards in web design our web designer is ready and available for any task, difficult or easy.

We specialize in WordPress but we can design for any system, even print, logo’s or graphical work is available at Digital Launch. With our strong UX and UI in-house knowledge we can create designs that fit your brand and keep visitors interested.

Best of both worlds

Our lead developer is Dutch and schooled in the European high quality market. Our Vietnamese engineers are trained in the European development style so we can bring you the quality no less than a team from Europe. With a big selection of talents in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and the eagerness to learn and get better we can bring you the best of 2 worlds. Looking for a top quality WordPress website in Saigon? Look no further!

Web design consultancy Vietnam

We have the best UI/UX/web design specialists ready for you! Our Digital Launch team has the best web designers in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City now finally has proper UX/UI specialists with Digital Launch. The usability of your website can now finally be upgraded. Whether you have a web application or a small website, our UX specialist can help your website become user friendly. UX/UI/web design  Consultancy of the highest quality in Vietnam.

Affordable web design in Ho Chi Minh City

Getting a top quality affordable web design was next to impossible, but not anymore! Our affordable full website development packages are top quality. Don’t wait any longer and contact us today for more information. Digital launch web design packages also include web development. A solution from end-to-end.