Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing is important for your brand activation strategy.

Instagram content creation

Text, photography, movies and hashtags

We create photography, movies, engaging text and use a #hashtags strategy that creates relevant followers for your account. We create content for you or work with your team.

By consistently posting with the right hashtags we improve your influencer status and increase the amount of account followers.

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Instagram account management

Repost, reply, story and profile management

At Digital Launch we coach, manage or completely control your Instagram account based on your management wishes. We make sure we create an inspiring and interactive story for your feed, an engaging Instagram profile and reply and re-post to increase your following and likes.

Our Instagram account management monetises your account. We can generate leads, sales for your shop and traffic to your website. We can also enable ad’s to further push your exposure.

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Instagram Marketing with influencer

Influencers with millions of followers posting your message

Influencer marketing is one of the latest forms of digital marketing in which brands are promoting their products/services, brand images and brand value by working with influencers through various social media platforms.

Influencers are now an established cornerstone of content marketing strategies, but we work with a wide range of influencers from Celebrities, Professional Influencers, Medium-Small Influencers, News/Community fan pages to Fiction character fan pages who qualified in all 3 criteria: Reach, Engage, and Generating Leads and Conversions.

At Digital-Launch, we are well understand culture and digital world at the way it works, we know how to find influencers and ambassadors who have a genuine connection with your brand, and we know how to work with them to produce compelling content that can be used on your owned channels or published on the influencer’s platforms to extend your reach.

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Let’s make engaging Instagram posts!

Instagram statistics

Monthly Instagram statistics rapports keep you up to date

Instagram marketing results are difficult to measure as how do you measure influence? What we measure is likes and follower number changes, profile views, post comment amounts, hashtag success and clicks on your activation buttons.

Our influence measurement pillars are: Account size, Exposure and Activation

We use Instagrams internal build-in report system for statistics together with our Instagram tracking tools to give you a complete monthly report on our pillars. Based on these results we can tune our content approach and advise you on the next steps to take.

Multilingual Instagram posting

Content in multiple languages to reach a bigger audience

Instagram posts can be created by Digital Launch in 25+ languages. We can also use two languages in one post which is very common in the Vietnamese market.

Multilingual posts increase your audience but needs to be done correctly as also #hashtag’s need te be done in both languages. Contact us to find out if we can post in your target language.

Brand Activation

Visibility and traffic on Instagram

Brand activation strategies on Instagram works very well in Vietnam for local and foreign target audiences. Together with your team we carefully plan and create content that is worth liking and an account that is worth following.

Our Instagram post schedulers know when it’s time to post and by carefully planning posts keep all teams aligned. Monthly reports makes it easy for management to keep track of the results without needing any Instagram knowledge.

Instagram Marketing Saigon Vietnam

If you target audience is in Vietnam you need a local Instagram marketing agency

Having a local Instagram marketing agency in Vietnam is important if you want to target the Vietnamese market. Instagram is a popular social media platform in Vietnam amongst local Vietnamese and foreigners in Vietnam.

Our Vietnamese and English speaking local social media marketeers have the ability to connect with Vietnamese locals or target English speakers in Vietnam. Our marketeers know what is going on and speak the local dialects of Vietnam. Our head office is in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) district 3, feel free to come over to meet our team and have a chat.

Hashtags strategy in Instagram

Get relevant Instagram followers

Likes, follows and engagement is nice but the real value of an Instagram feed is influence. Can your feed influence your target audience to be moved to interaction, actions or sales?

To achieve this we use a #hashtag strategy that is proven to give you relevant followers. It’s better to have 100 relevant followers that are easily activated than 10k irrelevant followers.

Instagram Profiles

Your profile generates traffic

Business Instagram profiles are used to redirect profile visitors to your relevant link. This can be your website, webshop or Instagram specific landing page. Managing the information and image on the business profile is part of our service. We track the clicks by using Instagram’s inbuilt tools and analytics on the landing page.

Instagram Stories

Posting stories on instagram

Instagram stories are used to attract attention to the profile, to the posts and keep followers up to date on your business. We use Instagram on a different way than other social media’s, every channel has their own content. Posting stories daily or even multiple times per day gains you more visibility.