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How to make a successful influencer marketing campaign In Vietnam?

Understanding Client’s Needs

It’s essential to have a clear understanding about the client request about the influencer marketing campaign Vietnam

  1. Start the goal of the campaign (brand awareness, rebrand, sale boosting), so right away you can offer to them some appropriate strategy that suits the goal. 
  2. The budget is important to discuss since some clients didn’t evaluate enough budget for the influencer marketing campaign. Ask them about their budget and offer the range of KOL that suit the budget. Please make sure to calculate the extra for unexpected situations when you negotiate price with KOL.
  3. Timing should be mentioned as the process of booking KOL, dealing contracts and creating content from KOL can take more time than you expected. So be aware and aware clients about the timing estimation for the campaign.

Choose The Right Influencer/ KOL

If your main goal of the campaign is brand awareness, booking several nano or micro influencers is way better than focusing on one macro influencer. By that way, you can see more the audience reaction each influencer has, and draw a better version of persona.

Type of InfluencersFacebook’s followerInstagram’s followerTiktok’s follower
Nano Influencer10k – 20k10k – 20k10k – 50k
Micro InfluencerUp to 150k Up to 100k 100k – 300k
Marco InfluencerUp to 500kUp to 300k300k – 500k
Mega Influencer/ KOLAbove 500kAbove 300kAbove 500k

For Youtube Influencer/ KOL, there is a need to track their performance, including the number of likes/ comments/ views to have the best chosen for the brand. It is difficult to define a specific type of Youtube Influencer/KOL because YouTube KOLs with 500.000 subscribers may have the same views as those with 70.000 subscribers. As a result, we regularly recommend tracking the performance of Influencers/KOLs in order to propose a good campaign when collaborating with them.

KOL as Key of Leader is hard to set the range, as their price will not depend much on the amount of followers. Their price is affected by KOL’s reputation, what industry they are in, their social status, ect. The use of KOL is about connect the brand to KOL image and bring 

More important, the price will be varied if you book the different type of visual: 

  • Facebook

Image Post Video Post

  • Instagram

Instagram Post & Story:

Reels & IGTV:


Video Post


Video of Youtube’s KOL – the product will be mentioned in KOLs’ clips (1-2 minutes, depending on industry)

Communication and SOW –  Statement of Work

There’s some popular type of SOW that brand usually book influencers for:

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Review Product (image/ video)
  • Livestream
  • Check-in event

Let clients be on track with process and follow up KOL parties is the main key. And also SOW is really helpful to deal with influencers/ KOL. The more detailed in SOW, the better influencers/ KOL deliver the content and visuals. Make sure to mention all these details in the SOW.

  • Date and time of launching/ posting
  • Platform/ Channel
  • Requirement on the wording: What should be mentioned in the content, what not? Tone of voice, Length of the content, The use of icon/ emoji, Link (if have)
  • Requirement on the visual: How many images? Color Pallet, Background requirements, Clothing, Makeup, Nails, Product Placement

KPI and Analysis Performance

Conducting insight from the performance of the campaign is a must-have. Compare your KPI or expectation with the result is the best way to know how successful the campaign is. Furthermore, look into the comment section and see how audience react to the product (do they focus on the product, and asking for the review, or just comment about the appearance of influencers/KOL)

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