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A success in Covid-19 times


A famous Dutch person once said: “Elk nadeel heb zijn voordeel” Which translates to “Every disadvantage has it’s advantage“. While the world is in grip of Covid-19 the economy and people suffer. However there are already also successes to report: Did Covid-19 accelerate the online / remote economy?

A clear answer comes from the digital marketing community where orders are flowing in faster than Banh mi’s are served in the Ben Than market of Saigon. Besides a steep increase in digital marketing requests also a clear rise in e-commerce stores and customer oriented applications requests came in says Dutch CEO Guido Branderhorst of Digital Launch Ltd. The Vietnamese based digital agency with offices in Hong Kong and the Netherlands based reports a 30% growth in under 2 months.

After Covid-19 we will see an irreversible changed way of working and interacting with the world. All our e-commerce clients have reported gains that in some cases exceed 50% in monthly revenue. Most of these users are first time users, which were forced to the online stores due to the situation. Once those the shop owners enhance and update their store it will accommodate the new users which get used to the convenience of online ordering very fast. A good part will stick to it, meaning the entire E-Commerce and Digital Marketing sector will jump up during Covid-19 and will never go back to the ‘old’ levels, thinks mr Branderhorst.

The same we see in the applications we develop, they are already geared to remote working. Those functionalities are there to stay, meaning the entire working field will not only move towards remote working, but will stay there after Covid-19.

An added “advantage” for Mr Branderhorst is the workforce availability. Searching for a development superstar or a multi-lingual experienced project manager was cumbersome at best in Saigon. In these times we had them find us and apply in great numbers to our ads. We’re investing into our staff heavily in this period, its a golden opportunity for us and we are treating it as that.

Of course our hearts also go out to the Covid-19 affected people and entrepreneurs. We have created jobs that originally weren’t in the planning to help people we know that lost their income completely, by re-scholing them in-house into to a new profession. We also are lenient regarding payment dates and contracts where we can to help our fellow entrepreneurs.

In Mr Branderhorst’s opinion the digital economy has leapfrogged 5-10 years ahead and is here to stay benefiting the entire sector for the years to come.

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