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We are a Social Media Marketing Lead Generation And Zalo Marketing Agency in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam

zalo official account

Zalo Official Account is fundamentally an official page that a brand uses to communicate and engage with their target audiences.

With the purpose of connecting and bringing your services/brands to your target customers, our digital marketing team manages to break down the gap through Zalo Official Account by optimizing, growing and building a community of followers to your account. 

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zalo ads

Zalo Ads is a provided system by Zalo to run advertising. Zalo Ads run in all of Zalo’s connected applications: Zing-TV, Zing-MP3, Zing News, Bao Moi, Zalo Pay and Zalo shop. The target is 100% Vietnamese locals and with millions of monthly visitors in the Zalo universe, it is easy to reach the Vietnamese.

Zalo Ad locations in their apps are placed by a bidding at the placing. We are Zalo partners with direct access to Zalo staff to give you the best rates and placings which amounts to (up to) +30% in your result.

Zalo Ads have many rules for advertising, both on creative as in the business type. We as a partner can help you navigate quickly through them. To use Zalo you also need a Vietnamese telephone number, but we can open accounts for you if you don’t have this.

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zalo shop

Aim to build a better customer service solutions with flexibility, Zalo Shop is where brands introduce one’s products/services. With more than 100 million users on Zalo, Zalo Shop is an easy way to increase your sales.

Setting up a shop on Zalo is a must on your business checklist. However, as seen with many unsuccessful brands and business owners currently on the platform, building a professional Zalo shop optimized for the right results is a challenging task.

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Zalo marketing agency in Vietnam

Zalo marketing service agency in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam is ready for your assignements

Zalo marketing agency Vietnam

Our zalo marketing agency headquarters is in Ho Chi Minh city ( Saigon )

Meeting the needs of brand awareness, our Zalo Marketing Vietnam service will help you increase sales, increase brand awareness and systematically take care of your customers.

Lead generation in Digital Marketing Vietnam we do by targeting several online platform. We actively follow and measure success so you can stay up to date on where your valuable leads are coming from. When you are in need of leads let us know and we will analyse and improve your lead generation funnel. Contact us for more information about our lead generation agency in Vietnam.


Get leads from multiple sources

Zalo is an open social network founded by Vietnamese people, from Android phones, iOS, Windows Phone or even PC can be used well so Zalo has become the second largest social network in Vietnam ( more than 100 million active users in 2020 ). Everything on Zalo is free like messaging, video chatting, or even playing games right on the app.

Zalo uses phone numbers to identify the account. This is one of the advantages of Zalo when we want to find a user if we have only information about the phone number. For Vietnamese people, a phone number is the ultimate method of sharing contact information (not by an email), so we can easily connect with customers when the phone number of them in the previous sales process.


Digital marketing as part of your zalo marketing strategy

If you are looking to enter the Vietnamese market with your product or service creating Zalo marketing campaign is the first step to success. We have successfully created Zalo marketing campaign for many products and services going to Vietnam.

We measure brand awareness by exposure or visibility. Once understanding the targeting of business customers, our team is ready to design a plan to implement advertising campaigns with details of creative articles each day. And from there we measure the cost of zalo and allocate the budget to suit your plan.

Social media marketing in Vietnam

We are specialist in social media marketing Vietnam

Beside Zalo marketing, our Vietnamese/Dutch marketing team is ready for any tasks. Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing are also our specialist as well.

If you don’t have the website yet, our Vietnamese/Dutch design team is ready to bring your business into the next stage. With over 10 awards in web design our web design team is ready and available for any task, difficult or easy.

We specialize in WordPress but we can design for any system, even print, logo’s or graphical work is available at Digital Launch. With our strong UX and UI design in-house knowledge we can create designs that fit your brand and keep visitors interested.


We are specialists in zalo marketing Vietnam

As a company specializing in overall digital marketing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Marketing or Instagram Marketing , we truly understand the psychology and tastes of our customers.

Giving direct advice on Zalo Marketing strategy to help attract more customers and build brand awareness more effectively.

We are an experienced content development team in optimizing content for customers on Zalo. We grasp the trends of content on Zalo well and help customers find a great  amount of potential customers that your business may be ignoring. 

As you read to here, you may understand well about Zalo Marketing in Vietnam. Feel free to contact us ?