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We - Digital Launch, a TikTok Marketing Agency in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, are honored to provide your business with the best TikTok Marketing services.

TikTok for Businesses

TikTok launched TikTok for Business in the summer of 2020 and TikTok Pro a few months later. Initially, there were distinctions between the two centers — one for businesses and one for growth-savvy creators — but because both provide roughly the same type of insight, TikTok decided to combine them.

TikTok for Business is now the only option. You can add more information to your profile and access real-time metrics and audience insights with a business account. With the purpose of connecting and bringing your services/brands to your target customers, our digital marketing team can manage to help your brand get closer to your audiences through TikTok for Business!

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TikTok Ads

Currently, TikTok Ads is another popular marketing tool that many people use because of its low cost and wide coverage, which helps your business products reach a large number of customers through ads that appear when users use the app, and it is easy to reach Vietnamese audiences!

If you’re looking for a place to start and have some money to invest, this is the place to be — TikTok’s website is filled with success stories from brands that have begun advertising on TikTok, such as Aerie, Little Caesars, and Maybelline. TikTok ads, like those on Facebook and Instagram, are priced using a bidding model.

Creating official TikTok ads (paying TikTok directly for marketing) is a surefire way to increase the visibility of your content. However, creating a TikTok ad account may be complicated, along with a variety of many ad types and if you don’t understand TikTok’s algorithm, it will be more challenging. Our team as a partner with TikTok can help you navigate quickly through them. To start creating content in TikTok, you should really understand your Vietnamese audiences, and we – Digital Launch can help you with that!

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Tiktok Shop

Due to the increasing E-commerce market, Tiktok Shop is becoming more widely known. Tiktok Shop is a store integrated on the platform of Tiktok, When users watch the video, a direct purchase link will be displayed on it, users only need to click to be able to buy goods without having to leave the application.

With the purpose of building better customer experience solutions with flexibility, TikTok Shop is an ideal place to introduce one’s products/ services and is an opportunity for all the sellers. Setting up a shop on TikTok is a must-do for any business looking to increase sales. However, creating a professional TikTok shop that is optimized for the best results and creating relevant TikTok content are challenging tasks!

Therefore, you may need a professional TikTok Marketing Agency that can help you to make it effectively! Contact us to set up your TikTok Shop today.

KOL and Influencers Marketing in Tik Tok

The key to winning on TikTok, as with Instagram influencer marketing, is to find influencers whose followers are in your target market. This strategy will help businesses in promoting their products or services to a larger audience through the use of small or big influencers such as singers, actors, and beauty bloggers. However, the right influencer is more crucial to influence your target customers and help them have a better impact on your brand.

For us, to run a successful Tiktok influencer marketing campaign, not only finding the suitable influencer is important, but it is also about understanding the right niche and the reasons why people should support your products and services are critical as well. Therefore, with all the establishments above, we are here to make your TikTok influencer marketing campaign effectively spread to larger Vietnamese audiences.

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TikTok Marketing Agency in Vietnam

Tik Tok Marketing Agency in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam is ready for your assignments

#01 - Tik Tok Marketing Agency in Vietnam

Our TikTok Marketing Agency is headquartered in HCMC and Netherlands

Implementing your own TikTok ad campaign can be really challenging. And surely, having someone in house or handling your TikTok ad efforts should be ideal choices. Notably, TikTok moves at lightning speed with new trends everyday. Without a deep understanding of the algorithm and current trends, you are at risk to target the right audiences.

Understanding your concerns, our expansion TikTok Marketing will assist you in increasing brand awareness among your target audience and systematically managing your ads. Our approach combines creative and technical insights. With a dependable and trustworthy TikTok marketing agency on your side, you can stand out from the crowd and capture and convert more leads.

We are your fully-managed solution for TikTok Marketing Vietnam and can help your ads more effectively. With data-driven planning and results, we will take your brand to the next level! Reach out to us today for a consultation with our team!

#02 - Why should brands use TikTok?

Get leads & spread more awareness to your target audience

Expanding brand coverage: According to VNExpress, by the end of Q1/2019, there were 12 million Vietnamese users using TikTok everyday. It would be a missed opportunity for brands to ignore this database of 12 million users, especially brands with target audiences are Gen Y & Z customers.

Native advertising: Don’t worry about the ads content! We will be the one monitoring the quality of your video content, so you can rest assured that your video will have the most authentic and close feeling to your target audience. Also, based on the current TikTok policy, they also have eroded the distinction between entertainment and advertising, which means watching advertisements is still entertaining and interesting!

Encourage users to create content/ trend: TikTok provides a variety of ads options that can encourage users to create content with a brand. One example is the hashtag challenge. Brands create challenges and allow users to create and interact with music and brand images, actively spreading the brand message to more TikTok users.

Be able to associate brand image with creativity and youth: Tiktok is still a relatively new player in the Vietnamese marketing market. If your brand quickly masters this platform and succeeds with viral campaigns, it will be easily associated with values such as creativity, innovation, and youth, resulting in a favorable impression on your potential customers.

#03 - Creating Tik Tok Business Account in Vietnam

Digital Marketing is a part of TikTok Marketing Vietnam

If you are interested in the Vietnamese market with your product or service, TikTok Marketing is one of the ideal choices for your brand. Digital Launch will create high-quality, engaging micro-advertisements that express your value proposition quickly and effectively. Once your target audiences are determined, we will be able to design our video clips for them.

We will measure brand awareness by exposure or visibility. Once we have developed and executed a winning campaign, we will use advanced analytics tools to continually monitor and optimize its performance and deliver you the results that you expect and want.

Social media marketing in Vietnam

We are specialist in social media marketing Vietnam

Beside Tik Tok marketing, our Vietnamese/Dutch marketing team is ready for any tasks. Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing are also our specialist as well.

If you don’t have the website yet, our Vietnamese/Dutch design team is ready to bring your business into the next stage. With over 10 awards in web design our web design team is ready and available for any task, difficult or easy.

We specialize in WordPress but we can design for any system, even print, logo’s or graphical work is available at Digital Launch. With our strong UX and UI design in-house knowledge we can create designs that fit your brand and keep visitors interested.

Tik Tok Marketing Service - Digital Launch

Specialists in TikTok Marketing Vietnam

As a company specializing in Digital Marketing services such as Facebook, Instagram and Zalo Marketing, we truly understand the importance of your target audiences’ tastes and behaviors.

As a result, we are here to provide you with direct advice on TikTok Marketing strategy to attract more customers and effectively build brand awareness.

We are an experienced content development team that specializes in optimizing content for TikTok customers. We understand TikTok content trends and can help you find a large number of potential customers that your company may be overlooking.

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