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5 Tips To Gain Instagram Following for Your Small Business in Vietnam

We are living in the middle of a pandemic and Vietnam is not an exception. For the last 2 months in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh city, the shopping behavior has changed rapidly from store buying to online shopping. Therefore it’s crucial to learn and adapt the way you apply your marketing strategy.   

The ultimate goal for every small business or start-up owner is to see the company grow. And there are many digital platforms that can help to expand your company network, Instagram marketing in Vietnam is one of them. According to a recent report by Statista, there are 5 million Instagram users in Vietnam.

According to the research from Forrester, Instagram posts generated a per-follower engagement rate is 4.21% which means the engagement rate of Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and also 120 times on Twitter. 

With Instagram your business can benefit with:

  • Connect with your potential customers in much easier way
  • Maintain the closer relationship with your current customer 
  • Have a high conversion rate. 

As reading here, you may learn that in order to make the most of Instagram marketing you need to grow your Instagram following. The more following you have the more connections you can create. 

In the article today we give you some tips on how to grow your Instagram followers. Be ready ! 

1. Post at the Right Times

In the real world, time is the limited resource for everyone, you can never take it back as it passes. And it is also true in the digital world, if your content is posted when people are sleeping, who will see your content? It will be easy to be lost a few hours later when other different contents show up and cover your contents. Getting your content engagement with your potential customer is the ultimate goal when you target Instagram marketing. Content is the bridge to connect you and your customers and from there you can have more shares that gain you more followers. For that reason it will be so much easier when you set your posting time at the golden hour, if you target your customer in different countries, time difference is something you definitely need to consider. According to Later by analyzing 12 million posts, the best time for you to post is somewhere between 9am to 11am Eastern Time. 

The survey above from Later gives you the quick outlook of when it should be the best to post on average. But in particular if you want to make the most engagement with your audience, it’s best to find your personalized time to post based on your target audience. 

Another way that you can do that is to start to experiment by yourself. What you need to do is simply just take notes about the engagements of your content throughout the day about the likes & comments given from your audience. 

With the support of  Instagram Insights, this feature section can help you to learn and understand about your customers activities such as:

  • The specific locations where your customer see your contents 
  • The audience gender 
  • The ages groups 
  • The most engagement time

After a certain time of 1 or 2 month you will have all the needed data for your consideration about the most engagement posting time. 

2. Post New Content Consistently  

The types of content you post on Instagram decide who your audience is. When you post your content consistently, your audience will surely understand more about your brand and know what they should expect to see when they follow your account.   

If you are brand new on Instagram, it likely takes at least 3 to 6 months to build up everything from the scratch for the audience’s notice and follow up with you. It is a long game and not every Instagram marketing all turns to be successful, it can fail sometimes. But the journey can be much easier with your consistent effort to bring out the consistent content. Instagram with the advance of the best interaction app between other social media platforms, growing your Instagram following as well as your branding is never as easy as that. 

When you start to gain followers, you start to build the relationship and connect to your followers. And through consistent content, the chances your account will be sharing and leading to having more followers are increasing.

One thing to remember is that even though you are creating new content to get a more new audience. But don’t forget your existing audience, if your content is inconsistent they may lose interest in your brand and unfollow you. Remember it’s important to gain more new following but also important to keep your existing followers.

So how consistent your brand should be when about Instagram posting or how often you should post on Instagram?

According to the study from SocialBudy, the general rule to follow is between one to three times per day. In other words, the best amount of posts for your Instagram growing is the number that you can keep up with consistently. 

There is another rule to follow is “quality over quantity.” It is always better to post less often and have high quality contents than to post low quality content frequently.

3. Use the Right Hashtags  

If you see the sign (#) on every post, you may think it’s the sign of the voicemail of the phone feature. What if you see it on Instagram, does that mean check your message? The obvious answer is no, when it comes to Instagram it stands for: meet the hashtag. 

Hashtagsme# help increase your social media engagement because it makes your content reach out to anyone who has the same interest in your hashtag, not only your followers. There is a limit with 30 hashtags you can tag per post, if you have a wide range of hashtags to use for the post, the chances your post gets followers and interaction will be higher. 

The question raise now is what kinds of hashtags should be using when you post your content: 

The ultimate goal of the hashtags is helping you to reach out to potential audiences. When you do it right, your Instagram growth increases much quicker. The ideal hashtags are the one highly relevant with your niche of brands, make sure you spend a quality amount of time for keyword research beforehand. 

4. Steal Your Competitor’s Followers

Does “steal” sound negative to you? Actually it’s an innovative way to grow your Instagram by focusing on your competitors and creating engagement with their audience. And competitors here we mean the one that is currently selling your similar products/services and engaging with their followers. 

Belows are the stops you can follow to be able to grow your Instagram Influencers:

Step 1: Define your competitors

You can’t win the battle if you don’t know where your enemy is hiding. Begin with your local competitors, add them to your competitor lists. 

Step 2: Analyze your competitors following

First at all, you need to check through competitor content and analyze the most engagement content. Instagram is a popular app but also many users quit using it on a regular basis. It’s so important that you only go for users that areely to stick around. The more active a user is, the more regularly he/she uses it. 

As soon as you figure out your competitors’ followers, it’s time for you to move towards and engage with them.

There are some way for you to get noticed from them:

–  liking their posts

–  comment on their posts

–  following them

After doing all of this, you expect to get 3 to 5 followers for every 100 posts you like

5. Run a Proper Giveaway

Same as other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram allows you to tag your friends/followers in the comment section or even in the content. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and can bring to you such benefits:

– Increase your content engagement

– Get exposure by reaching out to more new people, new audiences and ultimately increase your Instagram growth.  

Below is the following tips to have a success giveaway Instagram 

– Pick a theme: To make your content stand out from the rest you need to combine it with a proper theme. A special time of the year, your company birthday, new year.. you name it. For instance: The Thanksgiving holiday is coming soon,you can take this chance as an opportunity for a giveaway season.   

– Set a guideline: The ultimate goal you set for an Instagram giveaway is to increase your followers numbers. So the more simple to join the game the more it is easy for you to earn more followers, you can set it simply as following your account, leave a funny comment or tagging some people in the comments. 

– Have a deadline: Everything you do in life is always better if you have a deadline in mind, without a deadline, there is no pressure and you don’t know how long the work can be done. And it is also the same in Instagram Give Away, by having a proper deadline it can make your contest run as your plan. Make sure you create the balance for the length of the contest, avoiding it too short or either too long. 

– Select a Reward: Depending on your budget, if you are a small business our advice is picking something relevant in your products/services. Don’t complicate it, the simpler the easier for you and saving your expense. For instance, you shouldn’t give away a new Iphone because it will attract everybody and you won’t reach out to your potential customers this way. Something relevant to your niche is the best. 

Time for action. Let’s wrap it up

As for reading here, you now have the knowledge about the tools and know what to do to grow your Instagram as well as your brand awareness. By following our recommended tips, we hope that you know how to grow your Instagram followers on a limited budget ! 

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